Cocreate provides an alternative to traditional consulting models.

We have members, not employees. We have a Co-operative structure, with members who are sole practitioners but who benefit from being part of a larger company. This means that we have the flexibility to assemble a team that meet the requirements of each project.

Professional service at freelance rates. We don’t have a big office, company cars, gym memberships or a large administrative staff. This means our clients pay only for the service they need and get real value for their money.

We are all different. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds, so we work in a far more cross-disciplinary way than most consulting firms. At the same time our clients benefit from working with one company.

We do things, we don’t just consult. Our members are not career consultants. We have our own ventures and projects and we have insight and experience of what works in practice.



Andy Schofield

Andy specialises in sustainability and social enterprise and enjoys applying his experience in these areas to challenges as diverse as finance mechanisms, software design, or homelessness, with a correspondingly broad range of clients.

Andy previously worked at Pinnacle psg as director of special projects. Prior to that, he worked at Beyond Green, a sustainable development consultancy. Besides working at Cocreate Andy supports the development of the Transformational Index, a tool for identifying and measuring social impact. He has a lively interest in community housing and is a former board member of the East London Community Land Trust.


Paul Smyth

Paul’s work spans the technical and creative. Alongside his Cocreate work Paul is a Director of several start-up ventures and is a founding Partner at the ecodesign practice Something & Son LLP the instigators behind the urban agriculture hub FARM:shop in Dalston where Cocreate are based.

Paul previously worked as Business Manager and Senior Consultant at the consultancy Inbuilt Ltd and before that at Beyond Green. At Inbuilt he focused on bringing the pioneering Passivhaus building standard to the UK, training at the renowned Passivhaus Institute in Germany and leading work on some of the UK’s most energy efficient social housing. Paul is a Passivhaus Certifier.


Will South

Will is a creative builder, Mechanical Engineer, and Certified Passivhaus Designer. He brings technical, practical, and hands on expertise to construction and planning consultancy. Focussing on the design of the construction fabric for low energy buildings Will has developed an impressive portfolio of completed projects since being involved with Passivhaus.

Will worked for Fordingbridge Plc leading design and project managing  the Greenpower Centre alongside other education and retail buildings. Will is a Certifier in Training with the Passivhaus Institut.


Isabel Why

Isabel is a qualified science teacher and has maintained her work in schools alongside building physics. Though her job title has varied (Energy Engineer, Sustainability Specialist, Building Physicist, “Miss”) her appetite for reducing the environmental impact of buildings and their users, has not. Her interests include sustainable school design and curriculum integration, and natural light.

Isabel previously worked at Inkling, Max Fordham and Energy for Sustainable development.



Lindsay Noble

Lindsay is a London based freelance graphic designer. She uses a variety of design skills to solve a variety of visual problems, frequently working with social enterprises, charities, NGOs, and Cocreate members. You can see examples of Lindsay’s work on her Graphic Design website.

Lucinda Gosling

Lucinda focusses on strategic marketing and communications planning. After time in the advertising industry at agencies including Ogilvy and Dare she started to volunteering at FARM:shop to break free from the commercial world spend more time in the charitable sector.

Lucinda has completed a number of projects with Cocreate including Made in Marylebone.

Noel Isherwood

Noel is an Architect with a foundation in collaborative working. He works with communities where to engage, educate and empower has become a vital ingredient to ensure long term sustainable community building. Through his practice NIA architects, Noel facilitates design led workshops either through the Neighbourhood Plan process or for others concerned to leave a lasting legacy for the benefit of their community.

Noel previously worked for the Princes Foundation for Building Community as the Wales representative and continues with them now in a consulting role. He worked on a number of large scale master-plans through the Enquiry by Design process, led on the graduate and craft apprentices summer schools and devised education programs lecturing on low carbon communities at green building forums and Universities in Malaysia, Canada and the UK.



A corporate member of Cocreate and responsible for delivering our Passivhaus and low energy building work. Etude are Engineers and specialists in sustainable building who enjoy working on broader projects with other Cocreate members.


Transformational Index

A social impact analysis tool designed by a team including Cocreate’s Andy Schofield.  The TI is a tool that helps organisations to quickly identify their intended social impact, and to measure progress in a way which balances a commitment to values with a focus on results


Green Tomato Energy

Energy consultants specialising in low energy and comfort retrofits in London and beyond.


Something & Son

A collaborative design practice working on installation art and regeneration projects. Creators of FARM:Shop and now Makerversity