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Passive House Design Advice

Cocreate provide design advice at all project stages to help you improve the comfort and performance of your building. From feasibility and planning studies to thermal imaging, site inspection and contractor training.

We use basic building physics, historic evidence, and appropriate computer modelling to get the best value from your design. Aiming to make the building feel as good as it looks.

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Passivhaus Certification

Cocreate offer a personal and efficient service to provide PHI approved Passivhaus Building Certification. We are one of only three accredited Passivhaus Certifiers working in the UK andĀ bring an extra level of expertise to your project with an inside out knowledge of the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) and design process.

Passivhaus Certification gives an independent guarantee to the building owner or client that the building will work as claimed, eliminating potential performance gap through quality assurance at all design stages.

We offer Passivhaus Certification in London and beyond, and are keen to work with contractors, Architects, and building professionals both in Britain and Internationally.

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Certified Buildings

Our latest Certified building isĀ Tuns Lane Passivhaus, Silverton.

Tuns Lane South view

Get more value from training

Cocreate provide training to Architects, Contractors, and construction professionals in a range of fields. This includes low energy building design, construction detailing, whole house ventilation, and urban agriculture.

Our Passivhaus training can provide everything from very first principles right up to specifying and running projects. Our all our trainers are providers on the AECB Carbonlite training course and are right up to the minute with the latest thinking on implementing UK Passivhaus.

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