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Passivhaus Certification for Buildings

Passivhaus Certifiers

Cocreate Consulting offer Quality Assured Passivhaus Certification for buildings in the UK. Cocreate Consultancy are Passivhaus Certifiers in London. We offer a personal and bespoke approach to Passivhaus Certification, talking you through the process and making sure the requirements are fully understood at the outset.

Passivhaus Certification

Passivhaus Certification is an independent energy standard suitable for most building and construction types. It uses a robust approach to building physics and quality over the whole build. This ensures the building operates as well as it was designed. Unfortunately in the UK this is too often not the case with a large  gap between actual and designed performance.

The Passivhaus standard is based around a lot of research and study into actual building performance, more details on this can be found at Passipedia, and on the Passivhaus Institute website.

Quality Assured Passivhaus Certification is designed for new build residential or non-domestic projects. It can also be applied to renovation or refurbishment however for these projects we recommend using the EnerPHit standard.

Cocreate is one of only a handful of Passivhaus Certifiers in the UK. We can bring an extra level of expertise to your project with an inside out knowledge of the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) and Passivhaus certification quality assurance process. We offer Passivhaus Certification in London and beyond, and are keen to work with Passivhaus contractors, Architects, and building professionals both in England and Internationally.

EnerPHit Certification

EnerPHit standard is a specifically designed tweak on Passivhaus certification for renovation projects. It recognises the complexity of achieving low energy building for retrofit projects and gives slightly relaxed targets compared to the full Passivhaus standard. The quality assurance and design process is the same as for Passivhaus.

Certified Buildings

Our latest Certified building is Tuns Lane Passivhaus, Silverton

Tuns Lane South view

It’s all in the detail

To achieve very low energy use in a finished building requires outstanding construction quality and attention to detail. Few clients or professionals would argue that they don’t want these things – whether in a low energy building or not – however the U.K. building industry is primarily driven by capital cost. In value Engineering the final quality can often come second to more visible extras or bolt-ons that are more emotionally appealing.

There are very few independent tools to ensure that the aspirations of the client and design team are met on site, Passivhaus is the most comprehensive and proven available. Passivhaus Certification provides a stringent and comprehensive quality assurance process that can help deliver an excellent finished product. It can act as a strong motivation for maintaining quality throughout the build process – Passivhaus certification is the final step.

Cocreate strongly recommend going for Certification on Passivhaus projects, even if you don’t use us! Here is a list of other Passivhaus Certifiers in the UK on the Passivhaus Trust website.

Reducing Cost

Cocreate are keen to make Passivhaus Certification more accessible and affordable, especially in larger developments. We hope that by doing this the Passivhaus brand will continue to act as a meaningful sign of quality whilst gaining recognition outside the building industry.

By offering a Passivhaus Certification process integrated with consultancy and training Cocreate can help you reduce the total cost of Certification. We are keen to discuss developing methods for delivering certification and Passivhaus quality assurance in a manner more integrated with the development process and would love to hear from interested parties, particularly Housing associations and House builders.