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Passivhaus Design

Passive House Design

Cocreate provide passive house and Passivhaus design consultancy. We can help at every stage of design and construction to achieve a truly high performance building and ultimately Passivhaus Certification. We work on residential and non-residential projects.

Low Energy Building Design Advice

We help you set the right specification at the outset, help contractors achieve the required standards, and offer training to professional teams to build understanding and improve decision making.

Cocreate want to see buildings which are environmentally excellent and which work in the real world. We know that everything has a price and are mindful of the business case and the cost implications of technical choices.

Passivhaus Design consultancy

Cocreate are experts in applying passive design principles and using the Passivhaus Planning package. We use our Passivhaus Certification knowledge and technical communication with the Passivhaus community to inform every design we are involved with.

This can provide value and technical guidance at all stages of the build process:

  • Feasibility studies for achieving Passivhaus
  • Review and recommendations for ┬áplanning, detail drawings, and PHPP modelling
  • PHPP energy modelling
  • Construction detailing and methodology for low energy buildings
  • Thermal bridge modelling for SAP, SBEM, or Passivhaus
  • Forensic air tightness test audits
  • Contractor training to inform sequencing and construction

Beyond Passivhaus

Although we specialise in Passivhaus consultancy the skills, construction detailing, and basic building physics are the same for any low energy building type. We would be pleased to discuss your project with you whatever your design aims.

In any project a clearly defined target can be the difference between success and failure. By setting a target that is measurable during the design phase and after construction, and that is comparable with a range of building and construction types, the design team can clearly show what they have achieved and identify what has and has not worked. This can also give comfort to the client or client advisors on the quality of the design.