Standings Court, Horsham

Get more value from training

Cocreate provide training to Architects, Contractors, and construction professionals in a range of fields including low energy building design, urban agriculture, and Passivhaus.

Our Passivhaus training can provide everything from very first principles right up to specifying and running projects. Our lead trainer Paul Smyth also provides training on the AECB Carbonlite training course and is right up to the minute with the latest thinking on implementing UK Passivhaus.

Our preferred approach is to work on a live project with you, providing technical support and for real life design questions and giving you a huge boost of experience on completing PHPP and managing workflow.

No dependency

Our unique approach combines intensive in-house workshops (on live projects) with an ongoing technical support package (for all those bits you forgot). Unlike other training consultancies we shun dependency – with every training contract we aim to help you onto your own two feet so you never need a consultant like us again.