HouseMark, the leading provider of performance improvement services to the social housing sector, had identified the importance of community and place as the interface for housing providers’ key contribution to their neighbourhoods. This was based on a survey of its members and an initial workshop had confirmed the interest – but left questions about a suitable methodology for analysing their impact and the business model for a service to do this.

Cocreate worked with HouseMark and four housing association partners to determine the market for and design an online system to help housing associations analyse and compare the performance and impact of their community projects. This built upon and improved earlier research that they had commissioned – to develop inputs, outputs, outcomes, impact framework for projects – which could also be analysed as a portfolio and by area. In keeping with HouseMark’s emphasis on learning and good practice, the proposed solution provided a basis for sharing information between users.

As a result of this work, HouseMark was able to commission a web-based tool which has been launched as a new product. The system is live and is commercially available from HouseMark for a subscription. More information and a video can be found here. Over 20 organisations are now using the Community Impact Tracking Service.