Reporting on Domestic Energy Efficiency

Eaga (now Carillion Energy Services) wanted to advance and broaden the debate around domestic energy generation and efficiency, with a focus on the implications for neighbourhoods and communities. There was also a need to increase recognition of Eaga as an organisation which could help government achieve social and environmental outcomes.

Cocreate scoped, researched and wrote an accessible report based on in-depth interviews with business, government, academia, think tanks, and the third sector. Case studies were collected from the UK and internationally. This research informed a discussion of policy, finance and delivery, as well as the implications for well being and quality of life, and suggested how the solutions to some of these challenges might be integrated.

“The recommendations in Getting Warmer are not just good ideas, they are an absolute must if we are to get ourselves out of our looming energy crisis. They are also a brilliant way of helping low income families and communities to manage in the face of steeply rising energy costs.”

Professor Anne Power, London School of Economics

The report provided a balanced picture of the challenges and opportunities ahead along with a clear set of policy recommendations. It was shared widely with Eaga’s clients and senior figures in relevant industries and government, following a roundtable at the RSA. It was used extensively at events and contributed to Eaga’s positioning as a business.