Microbrewery Feasibility Study for Papworth Everard

Allia, a charity that supports social ventures, will become responsible for a former printworks building in the village of Papworth Everard as part of a section 106 covering an adjacent housing development. Before homes can be occupied, the developer has to undertake a basic renovation of the Printworks. The transfer of the building to Allia commits them to converting it into a brewpub and pizzeria/bakery for local community benefit – important given that there is no pub in the village. Allia approached Cocreate to help them look at the viability of the project and advise on potential financial and business models.

Cocreate undertook a feasibility study for the proposed enterprise, looking at relevant market trends, the local context and potential demand and supply, risks and opportunities, the financial model and the alignment of social, environmental and financial returns and related this to the different approaches Allia could take. Desk-based research was underpinned by semi-structured interviews with industry experts and key stakeholders.

Cocreate compiled a report to present their key findings and suggested next steps. The report combined the application of general business principles with emerging thinking around the alignment of social, environmental and financial impact as it relates to social enterprise and will serve as a basis for Allia to plan its next steps.