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Cocreate Consulting’s preferred tool for social impact analysis is the TI. Projects and organisations increasingly need to understand and demonstrate the difference that they make, both for their own learning and to external audiences. The cost of not knowing is too great.

The TI, short for Transformational Index, uses language as the starting point: describing change is the first step to measuring it. The TI uses a participatory workshop to establish consensus about the transformative characteristics of a project or organisation. Drawing on the ideas of the group and examples from over 100 other organisations, it then enables our consultants to help the group choose appropriate measures to chart progress with a minimum of resources.

The TI uses combines language, graphics and measurement produces a unique and bespoke understanding of an organisation’s impact. The TI was developed in the UK and the US and has been used over 100 times.

The TI has been used with and can be applied across:

  • Charities
  • Social enterprises
  • Faith-based organisations
  • Campaigns
  • Public services
  • Impact investors
  • Foundations

Cocreate is proud to be a licensed user of the TI.  Each member of the team brings unique and valuable experience from a variety of not for profit and corporate backgrounds.

Cocreate is proud to be a licensed user of the TI.