Independent Passivhaus Certification

Standings Court on the site of Bryce Lodge in Horsham is twelve 3 and 4 bed Passivhaus units constructed by Osborne for Saxon Weald Housing Association.

WARM Low Energy Building Practice were PH consultants during the design phase but were keen for an independent Certifier to review the project. As one of only five certifying bodies in the U.K. Cocreate were selected to perform an independent third party check, liaise with the Passivhaus Institut, and manage the Certification process.

Collecting and Collating Proof

In order to achieve Passivhaus Certification the design and construction team were required to provide comprehensive proof of the properties and installation of each key component.

Cocreate worked with Osborne Construction to ensure they were aware of the exact information required, and could collect data from the design team and on site as construction progressed.

The stringent nature of the Passivhaus Certification process gave the client, Saxon Weald, complete piece of mind in construction quality. By paying attention to this level of detail the buildings are highly likely to deliver the designed performance.

Successful Passivhaus Certification

Cocreate were pleased to be able to confirm Certification and register all three blocks as Quality Approved Passivhaus with the Passivhaus Institut in May 2012.

Congratulations Saxon Weald and Osborne!

Post Occupancy and PH vs. CSH

With new residents moving into their new Horsham residences for Summer 2012 it will be interesting to see how the buildings perform in use. The team plan to collect data on energy usage and room temperatures.

Osborne also plan to assess the build and use the site to compare design vs. usage figures for Code for Sustainable Homes and Passivhaus. There will also be support for new homeowners in using the simple equipment installed.