Independent Passivhaus Certification

Tuns Lane is a bespoke detached family home designed to Passivhaus and specifically to meet the needs of a family with a disabled child.

Successful Passivhaus Certification

Cocreate were pleased to confirm Passivhaus Certification and register 7 Tuns Lane  with the Passivhaus Institute as a Quality Approved Passivhaus on 13th August 2013. Congratulations all involved!

The official design PHPP output that the building achieved is shown below. In particular Tuns Lane achieved an excellent air tightness n50 result of 0.27ach, a credit to the design team and contractor Hollyford Developments.

PHPP Output

PHPP Output for Tuns Lane certified Passivhaus

Streamlined Passivhaus Process

Cocreate worked closely alongside the project Passivhaus consultants WARM Low Energy Building Practice in the later stages of the project to ensure a streamlined certification process. This meant the extra cost of independent Passivhaus Certification was kept to an absolute minimum for the client.

The main demand on resources is collecting and compiling information on the building products used. This is a crucial part of the Passivhaus Certification process. Unlike any other building standard Passivhaus makes sure the building was constructed using the materials the design team assumed! This is mainly for the key insulation materials and building components.

Because the design team were aware of the information required they were able to collect it as they went along. Cocreate provided a detailed evidence register to highlight the few pieces of missing information and clarify what was needed for certification.

Design Team

Back to Earth who were also the client on the project let a design team including, John Bol from B3 Architecture, Energexe as Mechanical services designers, and WARM Low Energy Building Practice as Passivhaus consultants. Cocreate were appointed as Independent Passivhaus Certifiers to liaise with the Passivhaus Institut, and manage the Certification process.